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Humidifiers for Larger Areas

Edit: Zhejiang Oulun Electric Co.,Ltd    Date: 12-05-2013
Our large capacity humidifiers use the evaporative humidification method to quickly and sufficiently disperse cool moisture into a larger-sized room or multiple rooms located on the same floor. Since the coverage area is much larger, these humidifiers require an internal fan to push the cool moisture out into the room. Because of the internal fan, the noise level is higher than our ultrasonic models. The noise level is not drastic, it’s just something to consider. Another thing to consider is how comfortable you are filling a larger sized tank with water (which for some may take a little more muscle to fill). Overall, if you have multiple rooms to humidify which are near each other and don’t mind a little extra noise then a large-capacity humidifier such as the MoistAir 9-Gallon Pedestal Humidifier would be an excellent choice.