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The solar dehumidifier does not even need a power supply

Edit: Zhejiang Oulun Electric Co.,Ltd    Date: 12-02-2013
The solar dehumidifier is mounted on a side of the shed that has a good exposure to sunlight. The dehumidifier has a black plate that heats up the air inside the unit. The unit also has a solar electric cell that power some control circuitry and an electric fan.

The unit is constantly taking cold air that has naturally less moisture in it from outside, warming it up and then blowing it into the shed where it displace the stale colder air that has a higher moisture content.

The solar dehumidifier sounds magical but it works. Not as ruthlessly efficient as the desiccant dehumidifier but if you have a shed that needs a drier atmosphere and a bit of air circulation then this unit will help to revive an otherwise stale atmosphere.