The many benefits of a home humidifier

Date: 12-05-2013

As the fall weather starts to turn crisp, home owners begin to fasten their windows, light their fireplaces and turn on their furnaces in preparation of the cold winter months ahead. While all these things will help you stay cozy and warm throughout the long winter, they can also significantly dry the air in your home.


Bailey Heating & Cooling Ltd.
Choosing to install a humidifier will not only improve your health over the winter months, it can also protect your home. A humidifier increases the moisture of your home by safely adding water vapor to the air, making your home more healthy and comfortable. Quickly becoming a standard household appliance, humidifiers can be installed to service a single room, or your entire house.

Improving your homes humidity will have immediate positive health affects for your family. Dry air causes dry skin. It can also dry out your body’s important mucus membranes, causing you to suffer from stuffy noses and scratchy throats. Dry home air is also the leading cause for many people who snore throughout the night, by producing dry air passages in the body. This can also make it difficult for babies to sleep.

A humidifier also plays an important role in protecting your home. The main culprit of static electricity, dry air in your home can cause more than frizzy hair. Excessively dry air can cause serious damage to computers and electrical equipment. It may also cause damage to your hardwood floors, causing them to crack or separate and you may find your wallpaper beginning to peel at the edges. In addition, many plants also find it difficult to flourish without the humidity in the air they require.

A humidifier is quickly becoming an essential home appliance, helping to combat the dry winter air and the negative effects it can cause. To make your winter more enjoyable for your family and protect your home contact the experts and Bailey Heating and Cooling at 905-878-4821 or visit them at 103 Steeles Ave E in Milton and learn how your home can benefit from a humidifier instillation this winter.