The desiccant type dehumidifier overcame the problem of iced coils

Date: 12-02-2013

The desiccant dehumidifier has only recently been reduced to a size suitable for domestic use. Before this it was widely used in industry for removing hundreds of litres of waters from damp buildings and in industrial processes.

The latest domestic desiccant dehumidifiers remove about 8 litres or so of water per day. They use a different process than the traditional dehumidifier. The air from the room is blown over discs that contain material that naturally absorbs moisture. The moisture is then collected and the discs heated to restore their moisture absorbing capability.

This new type of low temperature garage dehumidifier works at temperatures down to 1C and will reduce humidity to below 40% relative humidity.

Both the mechanical refrigerative dehumidifier and the dessicant dehumidifier need an electrical power supply to operate.